Dr Peter Enten
Peter Enten FinalGraduated from Monash University and spent two years in The Alfred Hospital before gaining experience in paediatrics and psychiatry. He then furthered his knowledge of skin cancer medicine at Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre and The University of Queensland. His interests include seeing children, family care, men’s health, aged care and skin cancers


Dr Louise Batchelor
Louise Edited Finalis one of our female doctors. She graduated from Melbourne University and spent time working at St Vincents Hospital as well as 12 months at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Her interests include women’s health, children’s health, hypnosis and travel medicine. For further information please click on hypnosis and vaccination and travel medicine.
Louise has been trained to insert Implanon contraceptive rods.
Dr Alex Avergun
Alex Avergun Finalgraduated in Russia and upon coming to Australia worked at Monash Medical Centre as well as in rural Vicoria. He has interests in allergies, aged care and children’s health, and of course he is fluent in Russian.




Dr Abe Granek
Abe Grunek Finalfinished at Melbourne University and has been working in Cheltenham for over 20 years. With great experience in all aspects of medical care he enjoys seeing children and the elderly with complex medical problems, as well as diabetes.
Dr Jeffrey Shapiro
Jeffrey Shapiro Finalfinished his Medical studies at Manchester University and after 2 /12 years in hospitals he has been in Cheltenham most of his professional life. Previously he was the Medical Director of Sandringham Hospital, and remains a Senior Examiner of doctors specialising in General Practice. He is comfortable in all aspects of patient care.
Outside the practice he is a keen golfer and enjoys travelling.


Dr Daniel Bergman
Daniel Bergman FinalDaniel graduated from Melbourne University in 1990, and spent 6 years rotating through all of the specialist medical units in major teaching hospitals in Melbourne. His main interests are General Medicine, Drug Interactions and the complex nature of brain science and psychology. He previously was involved in research in to this field at Melbourne University.
Outside medicine he plays music, writes, paints and spends time with his Family. Daniel no longer performs gynaecological examinations or vaccinates children.


Dr Naomi Eisenberg
Dr Naomi Eisenberg graduated from Monash University and worked at The Alfred Hospital before specialising in General Practice. Naomi completed a Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and is currently accredited for Shared Antenatal Care through both Sandringham and The Royal Women’s Hospitals. She is also qualified to insert implanon contraceptive rods. Naomi’s interests include all areas of General Practice, in particular women’s health, paediatrics and preventative care.